Campaign management

Performance is our commitment: set your goals and trust us with your influencer campaign, we will be judged, and paid, according to the metrics you have decided.

Wizdeo uses your performance data and its influencer KPIs to provide a analyze your influencer campaigns, and measure waht works for you. We can then organize your influencer selection, suggest creator briefs, and commit to a vraiable, performance-based budget to reduce the your campaign risks.

  • If past campaign performance data is available, our performance guarantees will go beyond views, to visibility, specific country/demo reach,and conversion/sales guarantees. Our technology enables us to make predictions on your success metrics and thus Wizdeo can shoulder a part of your risks.
  • To provide you with the most relevant influencers , our teams rely on data from Wizdeo Analytics, the only European platform certified by YouTube (find out more).
  • Raise your influencer campaigns to match your media campaigns in terms of performance and truly engage your audiences!
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